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In the pursuit of pet well-being, Ahalea envisions amarket where pets thrive in optimal healththrough its premium supplements, with acommitment to quality, innovation and strongerbonds developed between pets and their owners.



To provide pet owners innovative and high-qualitysolutions, ensuring their beloved four-leggedfriends live a happier and healthier entire lifetime.

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Ahalea is not just about pet supplements - it is about enhancing the lives of both pets andtheir parents. lts mission is to provide top-notch support for your furry family members, soyou can enjoy more happy, healthy, and worry-free moments together.

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15 Reviews
April 8, 2024

We’ve sprinkled these in our dogs meals for about a year now. Seems to work as our shepherd has always had skin issues in the past.

Priscilla D.
April 1, 2024

Ever since we started using the chews, both our older female Vizslas have more energy and their coats are shiny and they both love getting their chews in the morning! Much more playful!

Melody Bowman
April 11, 2024

My dog Bailey was itching really bad. NOW AFTER THE CHEWS SHES BETTER

Bianca BBB
March 29, 2024

My son asked me about the product and stated it definitely helped to curve my furry baby Teddie's urge to scratch. Thanks a million.

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Penny Leach
March 27, 2024

The boys were so itchy. Really seemed to help.

Janice Tomczak
April 1, 2024

I use want to make sure they have what they need to help with their health!

April 20, 2024

Billy absolutely loves these! His skin is super sensitive and these are a must with spring coming.

Leigh Anne McGill
February 18, 2024

I had been searching for some time to try to find something to help with my little fur babies itchy paws.. from morning to night it was just non-stop licking and biting of her little paws... After a few weeks, she had gotten better. She still licks and itches them but no where near how she was.. I definitely recommend...

Rheyna Rodriguez
April 23, 2024

My poor baby girls fur was falling out. She was breaking out in hives. Dry flaky spots oozing puss throughout her body. The before pictures just don’t capture how bad her skin had actually gotten. I started giving her baths with an antifungal shampoo and it got rid of the infected skin ,but her coat was still so flaky and hair still missing so I started her on these vitamins and let me tell you…. Her coat has not only filled back in but it is so silky & shiny. These vitamins are a little pricey in my opinion but it was money well spent.

Genna S

We’ve been giving our French Bull dog, Beau, these vitamins, since we got him at three months old. He loves these, along with the probiotic bites. He looks forward and even drools waiting for it every morning. We are a fan of the entire zesty paws line. Our dog is now five years old, and he never has any issues every year at his check ups.

Robert Thomas
April 2, 2024

Very noticeable difference on our 13 year old golden retriever. While using these vitamins his hip discomfort is noticeably lower and movement is better.

A. A. Castro
April 12, 2024

My dogs have sensitive tummies and this kept them pretty well maintained. They loved them! And they're definitely worth the investment to know your dogs are getting nutrients.

Elma D
January 26, 2024

So beyond ecstatic to have finally found a product that is approved by the world’s pickiest dog!! When I say pickiest I mean this in every sense of the word… as in would rather not eat for 24 hours than eat some of the most expensive and healthy food on the market. As we struggle to find something he will eat for more than a day or two at a time I have concerns about his nutrition. We have tried numerous other products and this is the only vitamin he is happy to take! I never thought a dog vitamin could bring this much joy to a human!

February 27, 2024

My furbaby is 12 years old and was starting to feel his age. So I got this product and he got his spunk back. He runs around at doggie day care and now had 4 girlfriends he keeps up with. LOL 😆

Michelle Tidd
April 17, 2024

it smell delicious!!!

my dog love it and i think helps him to lose less hair.